By participating in/receiving any of the services provided by Motivating Marriages Psychology Pty. Ltd. (MMP), and/or Motivating Minds Psychological Practice (MMPP), your personal information is covered by the following Privacy Policy:

  1. MMP and MMPP maintains the privacy and confidentiality of participants’/clients’ personal information provided in accordance with psychologist code of ethics and professionalism;
  2. Should you become a client of MMP/MMPP during the course of our service provision to you, your private information will be protected by national standards for  psychologist-client confidentiality;
  3. Unless otherwise stated/agreed to, your personal information will not be provided to any 3rd party outside of MMP and MMPP;
  4. You will not be required to disclose any personal information about yourself to the facilitators, or to the group within any of the workshops you attend;
  5. By placing your details on the “Stay in Touch” list, you are agreeing to receiving information about MMP upcoming events and workshops, via email;
  6. If you provide your contact details on the “Stay in Touch” tab on the MMP website, you are able to remove your details from the list at any time if you choose, and subsequently we will not retain your information;
  7. When participating in any of the workshops provided by MMP, MMP cannot guarantee the privacy and/or anonymity regarding your participation and/or contributions in the workshop, considering that we cannot control what information other participants in the groups disclose outside of the group;
  8. Any financial information that you provide through the external 3rd party ticketing and event management system is not the responsibility of MMP, and MMP is not liable for any management/mismanagement of your information;
  9. Any information (other than that processed by the external party event management system) you provide via our website – unless otherwise stated – will be handled and processed by MMP and/or MMPP administration staff, in accordance with MMP and/or MMPP policies and procedures, and confidentiality practices;
  10. As the facilitators of the groups are registered psychologists, they have professional and legal responsibilities under psychologist mandatory reporting requirements (child protection legislation, the criminal code, and client safety, etc.), and may be required to exercise risk of harm management action and/or reporting procedures, if necessary;
  11. Workshops may be recorded for internal (MMP and MMPP) professional training purposes, for improving service provision, and for the professional development of MMP and MMPP staff, and associated professional parties.
  12. Participants in workshops or treatment sessions facilitated by MMP/MMPP or their staff agree that they will not record via audio/visual means, any content.