By participating in/receiving any of the services provided by Motivating Marriages Psychology Pty. Ltd. (MMP), and/or Motivating Minds Psychological Practice (MMPP), you are agreeing to following Terms and Conditions:

  1. MMP reserves the right to cancel any scheduled workshops, at any time, for any reason;
  2. In the cases where MMP cancels a scheduled workshop, you will be refunded any monies that you have paid for the cancelled service (unless the monies have been agreed by all parties to be a non-refundable sum, as in the case of cancellation fees);
  3. MMP reserves the right to change the location of the workshop or scheduled therapy services at any time. If this is required, you will be notified prior to your attendance;
  4. MMP reserves the right to make changes to its fee structure at any time. If MMP assesses that this is applicable to you, you will be notified;
  5. All MMP workshops/presentations are not therapy, but psychoeducational workshops;
  6. As a condition of participation in the presentations, you will be required to sign a consent form, acknowledging your understanding that the presentations are not therapy, but psychoeducational workshops;
  7. Although Adrian and Kerrie Lumbewe have been trained by Certified Gottman Trainers in Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and that Kerrie Lumbewe has been trained as a Gottman Leader for The Seven Principles That Make Marriage Work, Bringing the Baby Home, Adrian and Kerrie Lumbewe, MMP, and MMPP are not professionally affiliated with the Gottman Institute. Adrian and Kerrie Lumbewe are independent private practitioners, and are not employed by the Gottman Institute;
  8. Participants themselves are responsible for understanding the nature of the services provided by MMP, and in doing so, the participant who enrolls in the service(s) do so at their own discretion and make their own decision to participate in the service(s). MMP is not responsible for assessing the suitability of the service(s) and/or its content, for the participant’s individual needs and circumstances;
  9. 21 days’ notice must be given for any cancellations of Marathon Therapy. Cancellation fees (retention – by MMP and/or MMPP – of the non-refundable payment) apply for cancellations made with less than 3wks notice prior to the first Marathon Therapy session. Please refer to information on Marathon Therapy for further details of cancellations