Motivating Marriages - Marriage and Relationships Counselling in Sydney

Motivating Marriages Psychology exists to see couples not just survive their relationship, but to thrive in it, and be all the more better for having chosen to love. 


Our hope is to see:

• Every committed relationship thrive in emotional intimacy and security
• For partners to work together towards the goals and promises they made to each other when they first committed
• For partners to navigate through inevitable conflict without damaging each other
• Relationships to effectively and emotionally nurture children


Kerrie & Adrian Lumbewe

Principal psychologists of Motivating Marriages
Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Gottman Leader of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work and Bringing the Baby Home

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work workshop is for couples in committed relationships, assisting them in understanding and applying to their own marriages, groundbreaking research about what makes marriages work, versus what makes marriages deteriorate and ultimately fail. Participants in this workshop will learn, and have the opportunity to practice, in a private and safe setting, the skills that have been developed from the Seven Principles ground breaking research findings of award-winning therapist Dr. John Gottman.

Marathon Therapy is a short term, intensive therapy process is designed to assist couples in moving rapidly through their gridlocked conflict areas. This process will assist couples in de-escalating conflict in order that they can begin to re-build their marriage.

The Bringing The Baby Home workshop was developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman to address the problem that two-thirds of marriages experience a significant decline in relationship satisfaction following the birth of their child.